mr. smit, the start – bg & story

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a bit of info on the project. each of the participants has to make a minute (+.5) animated short in five month .. from script to the final compositing. we get a lot of help from the many visiting teachers and our mentor, but yes, it’s quite a challange. my project is titled Mr. Smith.
it’s a movie about a guy, who lives his daily life by the same routine for many years maybe even decades now. he is a lonely guy who locks his feeling away to get trough the days but as he is getting old he becomes more and more lifeless and frustrated. he is scared of everything and although he wants to join the “normal” people, live a “normal” life, become a “normal” person .. he is so much afraid that he is just not able change things. one day, when he is about to walk home from his workingplace using the usual alleyway, something happens that distracts him from his daily routine .. something that might change his life.
2.5 month left … we just finished the layout phase and the testing for the final look. this image below is a test, but since I don’t have any final animation or bg it’s only a wip. I plan to play with the shading/noshading of the character to reflect his attitude and feelings .. if he has any at the given moment.

.. next I will post some previous stuff, like storyboards, model sheets etc. c&c are welcome, I need input!

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