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this was the first visual part we had to do. first it was the script and then character analysis of course. so here is how mr. smith has developed … if it can be called a development ;)
smith wip 01
the head was pretty much ready … the body not so much … so I tried some exremes to find a maching body to the personality
wip 02
and so I got to this guy .. who look like a clown ..
first version ..
after finishing the storyboard I have refined him .. and this is his final form:
final model sheet
this is not the way he is going to be shaded. this drawing is helpful for me to see the forms and shapes of his body and head. the shading is still a question .. I have made one test but it’s not really good. have to tweak it. the other thing is that the shading on him ( meaning shadows and highlights ) will appear and disappear as he gets emotional. so it’s pretty imprtan to get it right ..
and finally the other “heroe” of the story .. at the end he got a bit slimmer:
fishy fishy fishhhh ...

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