the good, the bad and in the end: the ugly

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long time no see … this is a small article about the usual shit, that you always try to avoid and promise yourself not to do something like that ever again, but you just can’t help it, can’t change the rules of this business. here are some work in progress videos of the project I have done lately. it had great promise, not bad deadline schedules, but in the end, if the client really wants a bad movie, they get it, ’cause the client is always right. right? hell NO! why the fck is the business still working like “I’m paying, so I’m at least that talented and qualified as you are!” ?? no, you’re not. you’re an accountant, a lawyer, an economist. not to mention that you’re paying me for the job, but don’t let me do my job. how stupid is that?
 whining OFF! the first video is the first step, the animatic and the shot reference videos. I really enjoyed working on this part. creative, funny, all the goodies what makes animation really fun. here it is. pass: pedison

the second one is the almost finished block phase. the movie at this point was still not looking bad. I have to admit that I’m a bit spoiled, ’cause the rigs at iAnimate work so well that it was really hard for the rigger to come up with something similar. in the end he actually did it, so many thanks for my old friend Dey for that.

here is the first spline pass. most of the animation is there and this is the point when the rule of “what can go wrong, will go wrong” came in. turned out that the very limited set of tools that are really working in maya are enough. xsi has much better tools, but in the end, if you want good animation, you have to do all by hand, not letting the computer decide instead of you, so basic tool are all you need … and love of course.

I have not yet seen the final movie on tv, not sure if it out or not, so I won’t put it here, not to mention that it had been edited and cut shorter, modified, cannibalized and castrated. I don’t want to publish that here, in my domain. lesson refreshed. commercials is a business like no other. end of line. go watch tron uprising !

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